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Developed and tested with scientific partners

Aphasol™ has been developed in collaboration with Ghent University and extensively tested in different lab tests, field trials and in hundreds of acres of commercial cultivation.

Our contribution to sustainable agriculture

Today, more than ever, we are experiencing the consequences of climate change. That is why we developed Aphasol™, a range of organic biostimulants to help combat the effects of climate change on yields and product quality, while making agriculture more sustainable.



Amino Acid

Glutamic Acid

Increasing the shoot system, growth, and early yield.


Increasing tolerance to hard conditions , organising osmosis potential.


Increasing & regulating vital processes within plants and increasing the disease resistance.


Increasing plant tolerance to diseases , activating chlorophyll, and has a role in the hormone balance.


Activating photosynthesis and raising its efficiency as it enhances chlorophyll formation and encourages vegetative growth .

Aspartic Acid

Enhancing plant resistance to diseases .


Affecting the velocity of growth and root formation


Increasing tolerance to hard conditions such as heat, frost, drought, and salinity. It has a role in chlorophyll formation and enhancing root formation .


Our Proven Process

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Hydrothermal hydrolysis

Hydrothermal hydrolysis

Enzymatic hydrolysis

Enzymatic hydrolysis

Filtration, fermentation & blending

Filtration, fermentation & blending

Quality control & packaging

Quality control & packaging

Aphasol is certified for use in organic farming