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The challenges we face

By 2050 the world’s population will reach 10 billion. To feed this larger, more urban and wealthier population, food production must increase drastically and must do so under challenging conditions.

Climate change in the form of heat waves, drought, excessive periods of rainfall and other extreme weather events presents an ever increasing challenge to farmers and their crops. Fertilisers and crop protection products are subject to price fluctuations and their use is increasingly regulated.

Aphasol™ biostimulants help farmers improve their crop yields under these challenging new conditions. 

Backed by academic research and scientific trials, our patented technology delivers consistent benefits to farmers, supporting a more sustainable agriculture.

Aphasol benefits

Improved stress tolerance

Aphasol improves the plant's tolerance to and recovery from abiotic stress, such as heat, drought, excessive rainfall and frost.

Optimization of nutrient use

Aphasol improves photosynthesis, root development and the uptake and efficient use of nutrients by the plant, boosting the plant's metabolism.

Higher yields & better quality

Aphasol is designed to maximise crop yields and improves crop quality features.

Our power in numbers

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Customers reviews

In the first tests, the difference in yield was immediately obvious, especially for carrots. Moreover, they also appeared to be of better quality, based on content analysis. Today, we apply Aphasol to almost all crops we grow.
Pieter-Jan Noë
Aphasol has a visible yield in potatoes, especially in a season with more stress. Moreover, it also allows us to fertilise a bit less. That saves on expenses, and now I know what works if stricter regulations were to come into force tomorrow.
Stephane Verhaege
At harvest, the yield difference could be seen with the naked eye. There were also more onions of larger calibre, which is positive towards cost for further processing.
Frederik Goedhuys

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