Our contribution to sustainable agriculture

Today, more than ever, we are experiencing the consequences of climate change. That is why we developed Aphasol™, a range of organic biostimulants to help combat the effects of climate change on yields and product quality, while making agriculture more sustainable.

The challenges we face

By 2050 the world’s population will reach 9.7 billion. To feed this larger, more urban and wealthier population, food production must increase by 70 percent. Climate change in the form of heat waves, drought, excessive periods of rainfall and other extreme weather events presents an ever increasing challenge to farmers and their crops. Which is why we need new ways to meet those challenges.

Aphasol™ biostimulants help farmers maintain and even increase their yields under these challenging new conditions, or when faced with increasing restrictions on the use of fertilisers and crop protection products.

9.7 billion people by 2050
Source: UN
+70% in global food production needed by 2050
Source: FAO
5.6 times more 10-year hot temperature events | +2.6% hotter
Source: IPCC | at 2°C global warming

Aphasol™ Benefits

Improved stress tolerance

Improved stress tolerance

During moments of abiotic stress, the amino acids in Aphasol™ act as precursors for crucial survival mechanisms. The plant saves time and energy and recovers more quickly.

Increased Yield

Increased yield

Aphasol™ improves root development and the absorption, transport and efficiency of use of the available nutrients. This boost in the plant's metabolism results in higher yield.

Better quality product

Better quality product

Aphasol™ products are designed to maximise crop specific quality features, such as size or dry matter content.

Key product features

  • Raw material of 100% natural protein origin
  • An innovative and patented hydrolysis process without any use of chemicals, resulting in a range of high-quality amino acid biostimulants
  • A unique amino acid profile with high concentrations of specific amino acids, key to several important plant metabolic processes
  • Effortless application thanks to excellent mixability with most common fertilisers and crop protection products.
  • A biological sterile product, free from any health risks.

Developed and tested with scientific partners

Aphasol™ has been developed in collaboration with Ghent University and extensively tested in different lab tests, field trials and in hundreds of acres of commercial cultivation.

Commercially validated results

Application of Aphasol™ in commercial cultivation combined with standard agricultural practice resulted in validated results in terms of yield and quality of product. Contact us for more details about our products and test results for your specific crop(s).

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