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Improved root growth with Aphasol: an answer to soil compaction

It’s a concerning sight: fields don’t look good. Over the past 6 months, a large amount of rainfall has caused soil compaction, making root penetration difficult and ultimately affecting yield. The soil is dense and suffocating, making it hard for plants to develop properly.

This soil compaction is the result of harvesting autumn crops on wet soils, a common problem in agriculture.

Aphasol is known for its ability to support/stimulate roots in penetrating compacted soil. By applying Aphasol, growers can experience several benefits:

  1. Better root growth: Aphasol stimulates the development of healthy roots, even in compacted soils. This results in a stronger and deeper root structure, allowing plants to better absorb water and nutrients.
  2. More strength to break through the soil: The unique composition of Aphasol helps plants break through the soil more forcefully, even in challenging conditions. This allows roots to grow deeper and access essential nutrients that would otherwise be inaccessible.

To underline the effectiveness of Aphasol, recent trials have been conducted demonstrating its positive impact on root development:

  1. Celery Farm Trials – Staden (BE) 2023: Goal: demonstrate the effect on root development Conclusion: visibly better root development
  2. Maize Lab Trial – Ghent University 2023: Goal: study the effects on maize in a laboratory environment Conclusion: significant improvement in root biomass, as well as aboveground biomass. In various lab trials across different crops, we see increased root biomass of up to 45%.

By applying Aphasol, growers can not only address the negative effects of soil compaction but also improve the overall health and productivity of their crops.