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Fruit growers, prepare your trees for winter with biostimulants for higher-quality fruit

As a fruit grower, you know better than anyone that caring for your trees doesn’t end after the harvest. The success of the next harvest actually begins right after the last fruits are picked. It’s time to think about winter, and Aphasol biostimulants can be your perfect support for healthier and stronger trees.

Why is post-harvest care crucial?

After a long season of hard work and fruit cultivation, it’s tempting to think that your trees can rest once the harvest is in. However, for trees, the work is never truly finished. They require care and attention to prepare for winter/spring and recover from the intense growing season.

The use of biostimulants is the key to winter-ready trees

This is where the Aphasol biostimulant comes into play. It’s not an ordinary product but rather an investment in the future of your orchard. By applying Aphasol just before winter, you provide your trees with the essential nutrients and support they need to face the winter.

The recommended application is 4 liters 2 weeks after the harvest.

Here’s why it’s essential:

1. Nutrients for winter

Trees need nutrients to get through the winter months. Aphasol provides them with essential elements necessary for a healthy winter dormancy and a vigorous start in the spring.

2. Stronger and healthier trees

Strong, healthy trees are more resistant to diseases and pests. By using Aphasol, you enhance the resilience of your trees, resulting in fewer disease and pest issues in the spring and summer.

3. Richer fruit

What matters most to fruit growers is, of course, the quality and quantity of the harvest. Aphasol helps build reserves in the tree, leading to juicier, more flavourfull fruit and higher yields.

A sustainable choice

Aphasol biostimulant is not only beneficial for your trees and your harvest but also for the environment. It helps minimize the inhibitory impact of pesticides, reducing the ecological footprint of your orchard.


As a fruit grower, you aim for the best possible results. Taking care of your trees after the harvest is an essential part of this endeavor. With Aphasol biostimulant, you create a basis for stronger trees and a fruitful harvest in the coming season. Invest in the future of your orchard and see the results in every fruit you harvest.